Mike Schneider
Artist Statement

Updated 7/06/08


We are living in a disposable culture where flickering screen bombard us with information which shifts the paradigm from moment to moment. Society has forsaken craft for speed and a painting is dated before it's dry. We are pulled towards new media and technology. The computer is an excellent tool, not for what it can do, but for what we can do with it. No matter the platform, it requires someone to speak.

Duchamp reframed the role of artist as a presenter, P.T. Barnum had 'The Greatest Show on Earth' and William Castle filled the theatre whenever it wasn't, "Too Shocking." Like these great showmen, we present the world to each other across the net. Many fear there are no new ideas, and yet with twenty six letters we are never at a loss for words.

I do not create; I draw lines and make associations. Frames and windows project onto reality and animation connects images across time. Through net collaborations, the work takes on the voices of people from around the world. I organize, plan, structure and frame but my work is of no more value then any other. The work is dependent on many hands working together without ego towards something nobody could create on their own. If everyone did it, it would be easy. If it were easy, everyone would do it.